Italian Landscapes, a terrace on the history

Italian landscapes, the most beautiful nature and historical traditions.

Paesaggi italianiThe locations of the Bel Paese offer a varied range of historical and social of the nation. The tourist can understand several steps historical and artistic because a visit to Italy is educational, allowing you to learn about the history and art. Through the testimonies of the past, including the realities of artistic interest in the Bel Paese, you can follow the different cultural movements protagonists of the story: from the Middle Ages to the Enlightenment. The characteristic of Italy manages to enchant the tourists ensuring culture and entertainment. There is no better time than learning with fun. The traditions and folklore of the resorts can provide extraordinary curiosity. From the ancient legend that tells the story of the original lace in the region of Emilia-Romagna to the Grape Festival in Marino, near Rome, in the Lazio region. The real jewels of Italian historic houses are scattered in all regions of the Peninsula. It is in these places that hides the ancient history with authentic testimonies. We can define a real cultural tour to admire carefully to trace a historical period. Visiting Italy is to know the different cultural movements that were able to influence the nation’s history. Il Bel Paese is an open book to read and see with stunning scenery and beautiful landscapes.

Sounds French promotes the artistic expressions

The festival of French music is a real opportunity to facilitate cultural exchanges with foreign artists. Sounds French involves people with a series of performances planned throughout Italy

Suona FranceseCulture, music and art are the lifeblood of a country since they confer the right stress during the daily cultural background of the people. Sounds French is the festival of Italian cousins ​​well represented on the territory of Italy. Sounds French, now in its sixth edition, is based on the quality in order to properly guide and support new talent emerging across the Alps. Sounds offers French contemporary stuff and projects where the protagonists are, on the same stage, French and Italian musicians. French Sounds is a collection of all kinds of music involving forty Italian cities, from April to July 2013. Sounds French began its programming in Turin on April 2 from Brigitte, indie pop revelation of 2012, and the last show is expected in the first week of July in Florence with the Festival au désert/attendance of Africa, where play, including others, the multi-Aziz Sahmaoui, singer-songwriter Piers Faccini world and balafonista Lansiné Kouyaté. Sounds French is not just a mere festival of music, but is a cultural project of wider scope, with a strong consensus. In the six years since its inception it has been possible to build a large network of cultural exchanges between European nations, capable of nourishing the artistic confrontation that helps the growth of the same artists. It is a genuine promotion of moments and opportunities for reflection on the different expressions of musical language and culture. Each country is characterized by its cultural traditions, not forgetting its historical roots that define the real identity of a people. The cultural variations are varied but it is important to know the nuances. Facilitate the matching of these historical and cultural traditions is the primary objective of Sounds French to establish a fruitful dialogue with other European cultures. In the midst of this cultural journey food and music aimed at a meeting with foreign artists you can listen to electronic languages ​​to young artists like Zombie Zombie and Woodkid, music search Olivier Latry, Shanti JC Eloy and Le Noir de l’Etoile, the experimental jazz of Papanosh, pop/alternative rock of Watcha Clan and original tribute to Léo Ferré encounter between the Tête de Bois and songwriters known French and Italian, an event organized in collaboration with the Auditorium Parco della Musica – Music for Rome Foundation. Sounds French is organized and sponsored by the French Embassy in Italy and the Institut français Italy. The festival wants to make a real cultural bridge between France and Italy, under the century-old bilateral relationship between the two countries, French plays proposes an original program and quality within the charming rooms and diversified, in collaboration with some of the most historical and prestigious music festivals Italian. Sounds French focuses on cultural exchange and educational training, the two main objectives of the special liaison between the French-Italian proposal conferences, seminars and thematic concerts, in more than sixty concerts in the main Italian conservatories, in collaboration with the main music academies in France, with a full schedule in which stands out, among others, the considerable tribute to the composer Francis Poulenc, on the occasion of the fiftieth anniversary of his death. Sounds French to promote more joint projects between the two countries in order to achieve real organic musical medley. It is the main objective of the festival because culture is an investment to be fed constantly.

Francesco Fravolini

Tourist guide, a day dedicated to Italian heritage

On the International Day Guide intervened more than 11,000 people. An opportunity to enhance the culture of the beautiful country without neglecting the professional role of a tourist guide

Guida turisticaThe International Day of the Guide has enjoyed unprecedented success. After ten days of feverish activity the celebration of the International Day of Tour Guide, at the end of February 2013, an event that repeats from 1990, was celebrated throughout the world under the auspices of WFTGA dall’ANGT and promoted in Italy, with more than 9,000 participants of which slightly less than 2,000 just in Syracuse. The initiatives have made a significant experience that has seen united all’ANGT the intentions of many guides including several local organizations, with the common goal of raising more coordinated image of the profession of tourist guide. Were ten days full of events, with about 200 guided tours throughout Italy. Unlike the past year, thanks to coordination, it was possible to design initiatives with a common underlying theme that have resulted in a significant resonance in the web, in local and national newspapers, in cultural programs, the news. All this is thanks to a showcase on the web with a Facebook page, a website and a blog related that allowed an ideal promotion in the national initiative dedicated to the tour guide. Wires of the events were the discovery of lesser-known beauties of the territory and the raising of funds for restoration of works of art or cultural or scientific purposes (as in Genoa, Arezzo, Leghorn, Florence and Perugia). Other initiatives such as Syracuse visits with all’Artemision inaugurated the start of archaeological, historical and artistic not previously visited. Foremost among the events can not be neglected those who were organized in Sant ‘Elpidio a Mare, in Campo Ligure and Varallo, including those who have rediscovered the local crafts. “We can be happy – says Maria Francesca Pedulla, tourist guide of Rome – the collected species if we consider that the second weekend of events was marred by polar weather conditions in many cities. See many curious visitors and careful in the snow flakes was a great result. We hope that the International Day of the Guide will become an event that will attract audiences even in small towns or places of art less well-known but valuable in a country that has the potential to be an absolute leader of world tourism. The tour guide participates effectively to the welfare of the country by promoting and raising constantly one of the economically most prolific areas of Italy: tourism. This role is institutional because the tour guide – he concludes Pedullà – must have a rating achieved by passing an exam that requires knowledge, skills and abilities dialectical, linguistic and psychological. Experience, continuously updated with respect to new cultural realities, not to mention the constant exercise are necessary to perform this job adequately compared to an increasingly demanding”.

Francesco Fravolini

One million euro for the best art project

The competition Ars, Art realizes that social employment, is giving away one million euro for the most innovative project. It is a great opportunity to revive the Italian economy and the assets of the Bel Paese


It seems unbelievable but it is true. This really is the amount made available by the Accenture Foundation via theArs. Art that creates social employment “, aimed at students, lovers of art and culture, startupper and talents of the network. The goal is to create new jobs for young people, promoting the cultural and artistic heritage of the country through new products and services that enhance the artistic heritage. The competition launched by Accenture is giving away 700 000 € 300 000 in cash and assets for the finalization of the business plan for the best idea that can contribute to the growth of the Bel Paese. Anyone can participate as long as at least 18 years of age. But not only individuals also research centers, associations, cooperatives and foundations working in the art world.

We believe that the third sector has a high potential to contribute to sustainable economic and social development, as long as you’re trying to do more system among the many individuals who make it up, using the most qualified management skills and more using the new technologiessaid Diego Viscontri, president of Accenture Foundation”.

To learn how to join the Ars. Art that creates social employment, you will find all the information at Just be registered to the platform and fill the form of presentation of the idea. Projects may be submitted by 12.00 on March 25, 2013.

We have chosen to focus on the national artistic heritagesays Bruno Ambrosini, general secretary of the Foundation Accenturebecause it is an asset that is a competitive advantage objective and internationally recognized. Added to this is the fact that our heritage is obviously high potential for the creation of jobs through the development of services economically sustainable. This sector may set in motion a large number of sectors, the tourism industry to the production of quality craft up building redevelopment, to name just a few examples”.

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Awards and realization of the winning

The winning idea will receive the resources required for its implementation up to € 1 million provided by the Italian Foundation Accenture. The realization of the project will be entrusted to the body non-profit shown by the proposer or will suggest a third party to demonstrate the necessary skills.

The proponents of ideas ranked from 2nd to 5th place will be awarded the following prizes:

€ 7,000
€ 5,000
€ 3,000
€ 2,000

Tourism, economic sector to be reassessed

It is an economic sector left for too long without a constant political leadership. Tourism can be a great opportunity for the beautiful country with the inevitable positive impact on employment

TurismoTourism is an important sector for the Italian economy. The growth of tourism marks a significant advance steadily due to natural beauty and rich cultural heritage. Italian tourism attracts many tourists because the Bel Paese offers a varied amount of historical realities, architecture and art to admire. During the campaign there was never a mention on the enormous growth potential from the Italian tourism, completely ignoring the sector without concrete proposals. It’s a shame to see a total disregard of a sector, such as tourism, which can be really driving for the Italian economy. Other nations have given increased attention to what might be called the flying economy class. Tourism is an integral part of Italy since the country has a rich heritage and unparalleled in the world. It is precisely for this reason that politicians should reflect seriously on an economic asset that can provide a great benefit to the nation, with obvious impacts on employment. Tourism is a jewel to be exploited in a timely manner in order to obtain economic interest. Why so much neglect of a sector that can ensure growth and economic well-being? The behavior and choices of politicians are not in line with potential, too often forgotten, tourism. The Beautiful Country is rich thanks to the food and wine, easily exported to their absolute goodness. Made in Italy serves as an ambassador of Italy, it would therefore be desirable to a greater commitment on the part of politicians with detailed proposals to boost the tourism sector. It could be a good opportunity to affect, in a positive way on exports. If the number of tourists grows it is easy to boost exports. Yet no politician seems to be interested in the Italian tourism. Tourism has always been an economic asset left to management-level managers who, alone, are able to increase the daily visits of tourists and sell the made in Italy. Help facilitate any policy of economic action. Tourism is calling more attention but the policy seems to be out of context to topics easy to manage as tourism. A good promotion and a detailed economic program could be a support to ensure.

Francesco Fravolini